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Please do not contact for soliciting. We may not reply to voice mails and emails with insufficient information. We reserve the right to not provide services in accordance with our policy.
Mission Statement: Skin is the largest organ of our body. To serve the society, educating the community for their needs of dermatologic skin care, to prevent them from dermatitis, and maximize the beauty of their skin, to enhance the quality of their lives, increasing their confidence level.

Medical Aesthetician w/ 24 Yrs. Of Experience & Appearance Confidence Therapist

Stephanie's Bio

She is an enthusiastic and highly motivated beauty therapist who is dedicated to assist her clients to look and feel fabulous in their own skin. With over 20 years in the aesthetic industry, she specializes in various skin improvement treatments to help her clients unleash their inner beauty. These treatments include HIFU lift & tight, IPL, micro-dermabrasion and micro-needling. She expounds on her educational background and extensive experience to offer expert skincare advice and provide results-driven beauty solutions.

Her inspiration was drawn from her own skin care journey. As a teenager, she struggled with acne problems. In her mid-20s, she suffered from premature aging due to severe sun damage. Unaware of the proper way to take care of her skin, she adopted poor beauty practices which did more harm than good. In her late 20s, she started going to spas, salons and clinics for skin treatment in a quest to find a solution. There, her passion for beauty was ignited. She went on to acquire her license and certification in beauty therapy. At the time, she was working in the tech industry. Her plan was to venture into beauty on a part-time basis.  As fate would have it, she got a job at a 5 star hotel spa, The Ritz Carlton. Her love for the job drove her to venture into beauty on a full-time basis. Her upward trajectory in the beauty industry later propelled her to start her own thriving aesthetic practice. She has never looked back since then.

She has over time garnered various accolades from her colleagues and clients. She was recognized as the winner of the Best San Jose in her field for 5 consecutive years. She derives immense joy from seeing her clients happy with their skin. She always seeks to understand her clients’ individual skin needs. Whether dealing with wrinkles, acne or loose and sagging skin, She strives to help her clients achieve radiant and healthy skin. She is on a continuous quest to keep up with beauty trends to enable her offer leading edge skincare & aesthetic solutions. She has also written a book on facial peeling and she is in the process of creating a home facial cleansing kit.

Prior to joining the aesthetic industry, she was working in the technology field, web and app design and development being her other passion. She is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree from Japan and a Master’s program in International Studies from the U.S.

Aside from work, she devotes her time to her other passion; volunteering as an animal rescuer for small animals. She also enjoys spending time with her two dogs.


* Certified Aesthetic Clinician by Calif. State Board
* Certified Microdermabrasion and Laser Skin Care Specialist
* Trained by the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Spa (Five-Star)

* Certified Microneedling Technician
* Licensed Aesthetician by Calif. State Board
* Certified Nutritional Herbologist
* Certified Medical Compounding Specialist
* Certified MD Skin Care Specialist

* Certified Massage Therapist, City of San Jose

⚠️Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy: I want to keep prices low for my clients! Please make sure to check your schedule before booking your appointment. I am getting too many rescheduling requests lately. I do not want to raise treatment prices so I now have to ask for cancellation (including multiple rescheduling) fees to minimize numerous rescheduling and cancellations.
Monday - Friday: 1st rescheduling - no fee. 2nd rescheduling (twice in a row for the same treatment appointment) or cancellation - $45.

Serving: San Jose, Almaden, Los Gatos, Saratoga, Campbell, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Mountain View, Palo Alto and more.

 Best Noninvasive Aesthetics Hall Of Fame Award (2023). ~ By San Jose Award Program ~
 7 Consecutive Years Best Skin Tightening & Body Contouring Award (2021). ~ By San Jose Award Program ~
 Best Skin Tightening & Body Contouring Business Hall Of Fame Award (2019). ~ By San Jose Award Program ~
 Local Community Choice Award For Top Skin Care San Jose (2016). ~ By Yocale Top Service Search ~
 Best Weight Loss & Control Of San Jose Award (2015). ~ By San Jose Award Program ~
 Best Beauty & Skin Care Of San Jose Award (2013). ~ By San Jose Award Program ~

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