1. CoolSculpting San Jose - The Controversial Non-Invasive Body Contouring Solution

    If you are looking for a way to get rid of stubborn fat bulges faster and safely, Cryolipolysis might be your solution. CoolSculpting San Jose is a non-invasive procedure that will help reshape your body. Find out everything you need about this procedure in this blog post! - Coolsculpting San Jose

    1. Why is Cryolipolysis popular?
    2. What is the controversy with CoolSculpting?

    3. How does it work?
    4. What are the benefits of Cool Sculpt?
    5. Some potential drawbacks
    6. Who is a good candidate for Cool Sculpt?
    7. The Future of Body Contouring Solutions
    8. Bottomline

    Why is Cryolipolysis popular?

    CoolSculpting San Jose uses cryolipolysis, which is a non-invasive body contouring solution that has gained popularity in recent years. The procedure involves freezing fat cells to destroy and eliminate them from the body. As a result, it results in a reduction of fat in the treated area.

    It is most commonly used on the abdomen, thighs, arms, and back. However, it can be used on other body areas with excess fat. The procedure is not suitable for everyone, and it is essential to consult with a qualified cryolipolysis provider to see if the treatment is right for you.

    One of the main reasons why CoolSculpting San Jose has become so popular is because it's a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. Liposuction is a surgical procedure involving making skin incisions and suctioning out fat cells. It can be an invasive and risky procedure, so many people opt for Cryolipolysis, such as Coolsculpting, instead.

    Another reason why Cryolipolysis has become so popular is that it's considered to be a relatively safe procedure. Minimal risks are involved, and the side effects are usually temporary and mild. 

    What is the controversy with CoolSculpting?

    CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring solution that has been controversial. The procedure involves freezing fat cells to kill them, and the body naturally eliminates the dead cells. CoolSculpting is said to be an alternative to liposuction, but some claim that the procedure is not effective and even risky.

    Critics of CoolSculpting claim that the procedure is ineffective and can even be dangerous. Some have said that the procedure can cause burns, scars, unevenness, and numbness in the treated area. There have also been reports of the procedure being painful and causing discomfort.

    These concerns are understandable because no treatment is perfect. However, cryoliplysis is generally an effective and safe procedure when the treatment gets done correctly.

    How does it work?

    CoolSculpting San Jose is a non-invasive body contouring solution that can target and freeze fat cells. The treatment can destroy up to 20-25% of fat cells in the treated area. 

    It is important to note that CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution but rather a way to help sculpt your body by reducing stubborn fat pockets. The treatment involves applying a cooling device to the targeted area for a set period. You may feel discomfort as the machine pulls the skin and underlying fat and cools down during this time. After the treatment, you can return to your normal activities immediately. Many people can start seeing results within a few weeks, with the full effect visible after about two months. Results vary depending on the individual. Some people require more than one session to achieve better results. 

    CoolSculpting San Jose is a safe and effective body contouring solution with minimal side effects. The most common side effects include temporary numbness, redness, swelling, bruising, and tingling at the treatment site. These side effects typically resolve on their own within a few weeks.

    What are the benefits of Cool Sculpt?

    CoolSculpting San Jose is a non-invasive body contouring solution that is gaining popularity. While there are many benefits to cryolipolysis, some potential drawbacks should be considered before treatment.

    Some of the main benefits of Cryolipolysis include the following:

    1. It is a non-invasive procedure, so there is no need for anesthesia or recovery time.

    2. It can target specific areas of fat deposition, such as the abdomen or thighs.

    3. The results of Cryolipolysis are usually visible within 2-4 weeks after the procedure.

    4. There is no risk of scarring or other side effects associated with cryolipolysis as long as the procedure gets done correctly.

    5. The results are typically long-lasting, as the treated fat cells are gone for good! 

    Some potential drawbacks of CoolSculpting

    Some potential drawbacks of CoolSculpting include the following:

    1. The procedure is not suitable for every individual, as it is only effective in treating target areas of fat.

    2. The results of CoolSculpting may take time (2-4 months), so patience is required when waiting for the full effect to be visible.

    3. There is a risk of minor side effects such as bruising, redness, soreness, and numbness after the procedure.

    4. The cost of CoolSculpting can vary depending on the number of treatments required and the treating area.

    Who is a good candidate for Cool Sculpt?

    Considering CoolSculpting San Jose, you may wonder if you are a good candidate for the procedure. The truth is that almost anyone can benefit from Cryolipolysis. However, the best candidates are those who are at or near their ideal body weight and are looking to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise.

    CoolSculpting San Jose can be an ideal solution for men and women who are bothered by excess fat in specific areas, such as the abdomen, love handles, thighs, arms, or chin. In addition, if you have good skin elasticity, you are more likely to be a good candidate for Cryolipolysis. If you are concerned about loose skin, consider combining skin tightening treatment and cool sculpting.

    During your telephone or video consultation with coolsculpting san jose, a cool sculpt specialist will assess your individual goals and concerns to determine if cool-sculpt is right for you. 

    The Future of Body Contouring Solutions

    There is no doubt that CoolSculpting is a controversial body contouring solution. Many people love it, and some people hate it. But one thing is for sure, CoolSculpting is here to stay. And there are reasons for it.

    Despite some criticisms, Cryolipolysis will remain a popular choice for people looking to contour their bodies without surgery, as the benefits outweigh the possible side effects.


    Many body contouring solutions are available today, and it may take time to know which is right for you. While many different options are available, Cryolipolysis is one of the best. Overall, this non-invasive body contouring solution is proven safe and effective for many people in studies, and there are many positive reviews from satisfied patients/clients. In my experience, many clients reported seeing noticeable results after just one treatment.

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  2. Coolsculpting San Jose: Aftercare Tips To Maximize The Benefits

    If you're considering Coolsculpting or just got your cool-sculpting session and want to know how to make the most of it, check out these tips for maximizing your results. - Coolsculpting San Jose


    1. What is CoolSculpting?
    2. Things You Should Know Before Cool Sculpting
    3. Aftercare Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Cool Sculpt
    4. Conclusion


    What is Coolsculpting?

    Coolsculpting, cryolipolysis, is a non-invasive, fat-reduction treatment that uses controlled cooling to target and reduces stubborn fat. Cryolipolysis is most commonly used to treat areas like the abdomen, and love handles, bra bulge, upper arms, thighs, and chin.

    During a coolsculpting San Jose procedure, the treating area gets covered with an anti-freezing gel pad to protect the skin. The cryolipolysis applicator/handle will then be applied to the site, delivering controlled cooling through the gel pad. You feel pressure and suction as the device is involved, but this shouldn't be painful.

    Many can relax, read, or even nap during coolsculpting san jose treatment. Then, after the session, you can immediately return to your normal activities with no downtime.

    After your cryolipolysis procedure, you may notice some redness, swelling, bruising, or numbness in the treated area. These are all expected side effects and should subside within a few hours or days. Some may also experience mild cramping or discomfort during or after their treatment. But, again, these are expected side effects that should resolve quickly.

    Things You Should Know Before Cool Sculpting

    If you are considering Coolsculpting/Cryolipolysis, you should know a few things to help you understand what to expect about the treatment. Here are some:

    • Coolsculpting is most effective when used to target specific areas of the body that have stubborn fat deposits. These areas may include the stomach, love handles, thighs, bra area, chin, and arms.

    • The results of cryolipolysis (cool sculpt) may take time. Depending on the individual, it can take a few days to several weeks or even months to see the treatment's full effects. Patience is key!

    • Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve desired results. It will depend on the individual and the treating areas.

    • There are potential side effects with cryolipolysis (cool sculpting), such as bruising, numbness, and redness in the treated area. These side effects are temporary and should be resolved on their own within a few days or weeks.

    Aftercare Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of cool-sculpting

    If you are considering or have just done your coolsculpting treatment to help you achieve your thinner body, follow all post-treatment recommendations: It is essential to follow all post-treatment instructions provided by your provider. It will help ensure optimal results and minimize any potential side effects.

    Here at coolsculpting san jose ca, lists are simplified so everyone can easily follow - below are our top tips:

    Right After:

    It's best to avoid alcohol and coffee right after and avoid strenuous activity for the first 24 hours.

    First 5 Days:

    Massage the treated area several times a day.
    Take ibuprofen or acetaminophen if you're experiencing discomfort.

    First 1 Month, It's Best to:

    Maintain a healthy diet and appropriate exercise; don't over-eat, and don't stop exercising just because you did a treatment :)
    Drink enough water
    Get enough sleep
    Wear compression clothing - it can help.


    Thanks for reading! These tips have helped you learn more about Coolsculpting and how to maximize its benefits. If you're considering this treatment, consult a qualified cryolipolysis provider to see if it's right for you. And remember, always put your health first!

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  3. Tips To Help You Care After HIFU Treatment To Maximize Its Benefits

    As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and firmness. It can be due to many factors, including sun damage, weight fluctuations, and even natural aging.

    HIFU, a high-intensity focused ultrasound, is a relatively new aesthetic procedure gaining popularity for its ability to tighten skin and produce a more youthful appearance. The treatment works by using HIFU waves to heat the deep layers of skin, causing the collagen fibers to contract and resulting in skin tightening and natural lift.

    HIFU treatments are largely performed on the face, neck, and chest areas but can also be on other areas of the body. The treatment is non-invasive and requires no downtime, making it an attractive option for those looking for a quick and easy way to improve their appearance.

    Like most other aesthetic treatments, it's essential to care for your skin after HIFU treatment to ensure you get the most out of the procedure. 


    1. Care Right After HIFU Treatment
    2. Long-Term Care
    3. Is There a Chance Your HIFU Treatment Doesn't Work?
    4. Most People are Happy with the Results! - What Can Your Next Step Be?

    5. Conclusion


    Right after the HIFU treatment, it's recommendable to:

    • Avoid extreme temperatures: Hot temperatures can cause irritation and inflammation in the treated area. It's best to avoid saunas and steam baths for the first few days after your HIFU treatment.

    • Protect your skin from irritants: Be careful with what you put on your skin. For example, avoid harsh soaps, strong cleansers, or strong exfoliants since they may irritate the skin. Instead, use gentle products.

    • Avoid strenuous activity: It is recommendable to avoid any strenuous activity – such as extreme exercise – for at least 24 hours after the treatment. It helps minimize potential side effects and helps the treated area heal properly.

    Here are some tips in the long run on how you can take care of your skin after HIFU treatment to maximize its benefits:

    • Avoid exposure to sunlight: It's essential to avoid exposing yourself to sunlight. It is because the UV rays from the sun can damage the skin and cause premature aging.

    • Keep the treated area clean: It's also essential to keep the treated area clean and free from dirt and makeup. Gently cleanse the treated area with a quality cleanser for your skin type twice a day.

    • Apply skincare products: Good quality products such as serums and moisturizers can help keep your skin hydrated and prevent dryness.

    • Drink plenty of water: Keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out is always vital for healthy-looking skin.

    • Limit drinking alcohol.

    • A healthy diet, as well as appropriate exercise, always helps!

    Is there a chance your HIFU treatment doesn't work?

    Q: I did a HIFU treatment one month ago, but I don't see any change. What should I do?

    A: If you don't see the results after following aftercare instructions, wait longer because you may need more time to see results - it can take three to even six months for some people to notice the effects.

    If you're doing everything right and still see zero improvements, then it's rare, but it's possible the treatment just didn't work for you. No therapy is for 100% of people. In this case, consider other options, including injectables and surgery.

    It's not recommendable that you do it again because if you see zero results after one time, chances are you still see zero results even after the second time.

    Under normal circumstances, you cannot expect to get your money back just because you think there is no change. Remember, doctors and HIFU specialists cannot guarantee the results.

    If you see minor improvements, however, you may want to consider doing a second treatment for better results; talk to your HIFU specialist about what he/she recommends.

    Most people are happy with the results: what can your next step be?

    Q: I did a HIFU treatment, and I can notice improvements! What should my next step be?

    A: Consider doing a second treatment. HIFU treatments usually require multiple sessions to be very effective for maximum results.


    HIFU treatment can be an excellent way to make you look more youthful and boost your confidence. With proper care, you'll enjoy the full benefits of HIFU treatment with long-lasting results and feel great about yourself.

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  4. What Is Coolsculpting? - An In-Depth Guide To The Non-Invasive Cryolipolysis Treatment

    We are always looking for effective ways to find a better body and eliminate the fat cells that cause us to have an overabundance of it. Yes, exercise, healthy eating, and weight loss are the keys to this, but sometimes we can't get there with those methods alone. So what is coolsculpting? Read on to find out! - coolsculpting san jose

    1. What is CoolSculpting?
    2. How does Cryolipolysis (Coolsculpting) work?
    3. Things to know before getting coolsculpted
    4. Is Coolsculpting safe?
    5. What are the side effects of Coolsculpting?
    6. What are the results of Cool Sculpting (Cryolipolysis)?
    7. How much does Coolsculpting cost and how long does it last?
    8. Conclusion


    What is CoolSculpting?

    CoolSculpting is a non-invasive cryolipolysis treatment that uses controlled cooling to target and eliminates fat cells. The procedure is safe and effective and can be performed on various body areas.

    During a CoolSculpting treatment, the area to be treated is exposed to freezing temperatures. This causes the fat cells to freeze and die. Over time, these dead fat cells are gradually eliminated from the body through natural processes.

    CoolSculpting results may take time; it can take several weeks or even months for the full effects of the treatment to be visible. However, once the fat cells are gone, they are gone for good!

    How does Cryolipolysis work?

    Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses extreme cold to break down fat cells. The treated area is exposed to a cooling device for a set time, which causes the fat cells to freeze and die. Over the next few weeks, your body naturally processes and eliminates dead fat cells.

    The cryolipolysis procedure is often for the abdomen and flanks (love handles), thighs, chin, and upper arm. It's also used to treat bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (the banana roll), and so on. A small applicator is used for smaller areas such as the chin, upper arm, and bra fat. A larger applicator is used for larger areas like the abdomen and flanks (love handles), thighs, and underneath the buttocks (the banana roll).

    During your cryolipolysis treatment, you may initially feel an intense cold that gradually goes away. In addition, the area may be red and swollen after the treatment. These side effects typically go away within a few days.

    Things to know before getting coolsculpted

    Coolsculpting is a non-invasive, cryolipolysis treatment that freezes and destroys fat cells. It is largely used on the abdomen, thighs, arms, back, and chin.

    Coolsculpting is not a weight loss treatment, but a body contouring treatment that can help you achieve your desired shape.

    The results of coolsculpting take little time, and it can take up to 2-4 months to see the full effect of the treatment.

    Coolsculpting is a safe and effective way to destroy fat cells and achieve your desired body shape.

    Is Coolsculpting safe?

    Coolsculpting is a non-invasive treatment that uses cryolipolysis to freeze and destroy fat cells. The Coolsculpting procedure is safe and effective, with minimal side effects—no reports of serious complications or adverse events associated with Coolsculpting, except for rare cases of bumpiness.


    What are the side effects of Coolsculpting/Cryolipolysis?

    The most common side effects of Coolsculpting include temporary numbness, redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the treatment site. These side effects typically resolve within a few days to weeks. Rare but serious side effects may include nerve damage and skin irritation.

    What are the results of cool sculpting (cryolipolysis)?

    Coolsculpting is a non-invasive cryolipolysis treatment that destroys fat cells. The treated area will appear visibly slimmer, and the results will be longer-lasting. However, no downtime is associated with cool sculpting.

    How much does coolsculpting cost and how long does it last?

    The average cost of CoolSculpting is $2,000. However, the final price will depend on the number of areas being treated, the number of sessions needed, and the desired results.

    CoolSculpting is not a permanent weight loss solution. However, it can significantly reduce fat cells, and the results can last several months to several years. It is case by case, but it's often recommendable to have 2-3 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart for best results.


    Coolsculpting is a non-invasive treatment that can help to reduce fat cells in the body. It is an excellent option for those looking for an alternative to surgery or other invasive treatments. The procedure is relatively quick and easy, and minimal recovery time is required. Best of all, Cool Sculpting results are long-lasting, so you can enjoy your new look for years to come. If you think Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) may be right for you, talk to a qualified Cryolipolysis provider or your doctor today.

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  5. Have Ultrasound (HIFU) Facial Today And Transform Like This?!
    In the case of dogs, both are cute! When it comes to people, however, wrinkled and sagging skin is not that great. Nozawa's advanced anti-aging Ultrasound (HIFU) Facial naturally lifts and tightens loose skin. Using HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultraound) technology, it strengthens the elasticity and produces new collagen. Giving you a fresh and deep foundation below your skin, just like when you were younger.

  6. 2018 Is Year Of Dog!

    In 2017, HIFU Skin Tightening / Lifting Treatment, IPL Photo Facial and HIFU Fat Reduction Were Top 3 (Most Popular) Treatments!
  7. Wanted to rip off the carpet to change to the wood floor for a long time, for this treatment room.
    Finally did it!

  8. At Awsome French Restaurant In Los Gatos With My Long-Term Client On 6/20/17.
    We had a seasonal tasting menu - the picture is the last one, melting chocolate sphere. 
    Yummy! We had a fabulous time!

  9. January 1st was a lot of fun (two days ago)!
    Opened Champagne with my clients!
    They are right - it's great to start "new year's day" with facial and bubble!
    Toasted for NEW US!

  10. Immediately after one treatment!

  11. Received Local Community Choice Award for Top Skin Care in San Jose.
    I thank all of my loyal customers!!!

  12. Recently found a nice floor lamp at Lamp Plus (slim and light weight design - practical in the treatment room).
    I put two butterflies on the lamp! I think it's kind of pretty...and it's brightening up the IPL room!

  13. Recently changed facial chair / table in IPL room. Comfortable!

  14. Enjoyed great wine and steak etc. with my clients!
    They do IPL, Microdermabrasion and Hair Reduction etc. with me.
    I chose Grgich Hills wine for them.
    One of my clients brought Picchetti sparking wine (nice!).

    Cheers for beautiful life......!
  15. Waited 6 weeks................
    Finally, the new and custom shelves were installed.
    Book shelf and skin care product shelf...

    Picture is the product shelf. Easier than before for customers to touch, feel and see various bottles and jars.
    Correct skin care products are important for anti-aging and clearer skin!

  16. Ultherapy brochure states the followings:

    The only non-invasive procedure FDA-cleared to lift skin on the neck, under the chin and on the eyebrow. 

    No downtime
    Builds collagen
    Natural results
    Single treatment
    Safe ultrasound

    Ultherapy delivers focused ultrasound energy to the same foundational layer typically addressed by surgeons during cosmetic surgery - without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.

    This energy initiates the body's natural response to stimulate the growth of fresh, new collagen and strengthen weak collagen.

    Some people see an inital effect right after their treatment, but the real results appear over 2 - 3 months as new collagen builds, gradually lifting and tightening skin on the face and neck smoothing skin on the chest. Unlike lasers, radio-frequency and other techonologies, Ultherapy bypasses the surface of the skin to deliver energy at optimal depths, temperature and precision.

    Over all, higher percentage of people are satisfied with the improvements.

    The cost is high (to me) - I know many people who spent $3,000 - $4,500 per procedure (for face or face & neck).

    In order to save money, however, I think you should try HIFU (skin lifting) treatment. It is my understanding that Ultherapy uses HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) technology. In other words, Ultherapy is HIFU. Some HIFU technicians are very good. You just have to find a trustworthy technician/therapist/doctor who is knowledgeable and have good experience of HIFU treatment. You can save money this way. I believe Ultherapy works, but in my opinion it doesn't have to be Ultherapy - HIFU is what works for tightening and lifting skin. Just find a good therapist for it.

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