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Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am here to tell you something amazing.
With almost 25 years of experience in the aesthetics industry and a passion for making my clients look & feel like a price or princess, I built my own Aesthetic/Beauty Studio that has been providing premium facial and other esthetic services to clients seeking the best across the Northern California.

My proprietary facial techniques have helped thousands of people feel closer to their authentic selves.
And now, I am here to share my unique techniques with YOU!
Whether you are looking to start your own business 
or independent skincare consultant or just want to learn as a student, this professional online course will take your aesthetic skills to the next level.
Sign up today to increase your income, sales and for your beauty!
By the way, I have a present for you, a beautiful book written by me (not ghost writer!): FACE PEELING That Changes Your Life.
Exploring skincare can often be a very tumultuous and personal journey. My journey is what inspired me share my knowledge and techniques with others in the hope of helping you on your own beauty journey.

 Best Noninvasive Aesthetics Hall Of Fame Award (2023). ~ By San Jose Award Program ~
 7 Consecutive Years Best Skin Tightening & Body Contouring Award (2021). ~ By San Jose Award Program ~
 Best Skin Tightening & Body Contouring Business Hall Of Fame Award (2019). ~ By San Jose Award Program ~
 Local Community Choice Award For Top Skin Care San Jose (2016). ~ By Yocale Top Service Search ~
 Best Weight Loss & Control Of San Jose Award (2015). ~ By San Jose Award Program ~
 Best Beauty & Skin Care Of San Jose Award (2013). ~ By San Jose Award Program ~

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