Wrinkle Reduction

Do you want to look younger? Are you concerned about wrinkles, crow's feet, nasolabial fold and sagging skin? We can help! Our advanced Wrinkle & Anti-aging treatments and facials diminish wrinkles, and tightens your skin! Our next-level techniques help produce more noticeable and longer-lasting results! A wrinkle treatment San Jose California reduces the appearance of wrinkle, crow's feet, forehead lines, nasolabial fold and so on, resulting from aging and sun damage. It also minimizes the pore size, smooths out the skin and produces a general tightening of the skin. Our Wrinkle Treatments are the natural alternatives to risky and costly cosmetic surgery or botox and infectable fillers.

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How do wrinkles form?
You can often get an idea of how old someone is by looking at his or her face — specifically the skin. As people age, it's normal to get wrinkles. And a person who has spent a lot of time in the sun, at tanning salons, or smoking cigarettes might have a lot of them. Other factors are loss of elasticity, thinning skin and lack of moisture. Diet, life style, general health, and genetics play another part in the acceleration of wrinkles. We all know that a good diet, loaded with antioxidants, fruits, vegetables, and lots of water is good for the skin. But did you know other lifestyle factors -- such as taking anti-depressants long term -- can cause some people to wrinkle and age faster than others?

Researchers haven't been able to explain why this happens. Perhaps all the artificial preservatives, colorings, over the counter and prescription medication that we these days not only ages the liver but our skin too? Let's face it, we do live in a toxic environment today and we seem to have a "pill" for everything that ails us from heartburn to heartache.

How Do Wrinkles Form?

When skin is young, thick, and full of elasticity it can resist muscle tension and does not develop a grove or crease when a facial muscle is contracted - such as a frown, squint, or a smile. However as we age and our skin becomes thinner, drier, less resilient, it starts to adhere itself to the underlying muscle tissue. So now when we frown the skin gets pulled along with the muscle creating a valley, a line, or a deep wrinkle over time.

It is recommendable to start proper and relevant skin care at younger age to prevent wrinkle. But, it never be too late. You can minimize or reduce wrinkle in terms of correct skin care techniques. In our opinion, you'd be amazed with huge improvements that you may not need risky and costly cosmetic surgery nor botox and injectable fillers. We can help!

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